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This is my public literary blog. Here I’ll be talking about culture, philosophy, and authors whose fiction has inspired me. If you’re looking for bad reviews, you may be at the wrong place. I generally like to keep quiet about books I don’t enjoy.

You can expect posts about literary theory, philosophy, worldbuilding, or writing advice on Monday. Once a month on Saturday, I’ll be diving into a specific book, story, or author and its influence on me or on the genre as a whole.

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Vaean—My Worldbuilding Project

Upon my first day entering the world of innovation, I was surprised. Not just because I had expected something small and had instead found something grand. Barely for the fact that the inhabitants of this realm felt, acted and appeared as humanoid. Not because they subverted my expectations, acting happy to see me instead ofContinue reading “Vaean—My Worldbuilding Project”

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Writers talk about writer’s block a lot. It’s a question nearly every author gets asked—how do you deal with writer’s block? How did you beat it? It’s an issue that, it seems, penetrates every writing community, and the question of how to overcome it is one that no person, book, or google search has yetContinue reading “Overcoming Writer’s Block”


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About Me

You might know me as J. Dan Goodberry, Miscellaneous Goblin, or a different name if you know me personally.

I started this blog because I had a lot of thoughts in my head (mostly about literature) that I felt I wanted to get out onto the page. As I continue to read, I hope to come here to log and summarize the books I’ve enjoyed. Hopefully, you will find this useful. I usually stick to the genres of fantasy, historical fiction, and nonfiction, with notable exceptions.

Living in the United States, I’m working on a range of writing projects, several of which you can find sampled here. I also happen to have a cartography side-hobby, about which you can find out more on my ArtStation account.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at or leave a comment here.