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Unfinished Stories: Old Home

Note: While still a part of my public “Unfinished Stories” collection, Old Home is rather disconnected from the main overarching plot. At some point it will tie in, but likely not until the overarching story is better defined. Consider it an interlude, a snippet of a tale that takes place in a different location, atContinue reading “Unfinished Stories: Old Home”

Unfinished Stories: Grey Lights

Introduction: This short story is presented as the third of my “unfinished stories,” tales which connect subtly through background threads. While these connections have not yet been made apparent, future releases will elaborate on the building conflict that fuels the events within these shorts. Feedback is always welcome. Grey LightsCathon Ajabon-Czar, heir to the throneContinue reading “Unfinished Stories: Grey Lights”

Unfinished Stories: Lamington

Jendeas H’nendwan, captain of the Lamington Watch, slammed a fist into the dining table, causing it to shake. The table was of woodhost; it was thick and grainy but very light, and it had one unbalanced leg, causing it to rock violently. The three others at the table barely reacted—they were used to this kindContinue reading “Unfinished Stories: Lamington”


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My Writing

This is a place in which I have displayed some of my personal writing for public scrutiny and feedback. Short stories I post after primary edits will be made public here. As a general warning, many of these are unfinished and contain spoilers for an overarching plot.

The “Unfinished Stories”a sequence of loosely connected tales set in the same world and all driving toward a collective endcan be roughly categorized as fantasy, though the magic you’ll find in these pages is scarce. They’re more meant as practices in dialogue, worldbuilding, and acting on feedback provided by early readers. Please don’t hesitate to take inspiration from these snippetsit’s one of my main reasons for including them on this site.

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