A brief update and a new short story!

Greetings! This is going to be a slightly unusual update to the blog, as I have multiple shorter objects to address.

Firstly and most important, I released the edited draft of my newest short story, Grey Lights, to the website yesterday. It follows a brief chapter in the life of two young men, one blind, in a medieval-esc setting. You can find that story here.

Next, I recently finished Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See, giving the book five stars in a review. It has been a satisfying ride, and has pushed me to explore historical fiction more going forward. I plan to read his most recent book, Cloud Cuckoo Land, when I get the chance.

Unfortunately I’ve delayed the promised post on Philip Pullman and allegory for a future week. That was a follow up to last week’s on escapism; I’ve found I need more time for research and to process the information required to round out that particular debate.

That’s about it for today. You might notice a few minor updates to the site, but nothing big. Thank you very much for reading this brief update, and please feel free to leave a comment. What would you like to see going forward? In my previous post, I spoke about escapism, especially Tolkien’s stance on the subject and its place in the world around us.

Published by J. Dan Goodberry

Writer, blogger, composer of music and fan of the genres of fantasy and historical fiction.

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